These sites are located in a park like setting around 300 yards from the lake

Lot #6 SOLD

Lot #7 $15,000

Lot #8 $15,000

Lot #9 SOLD

Lot #10 $125,000  Itasca Cottage will begin construction in May and be available in July 2017

Lot #11 SOLD

Lot #12 $34,000

Lot #13 $34,000

Lot #14 $34,000

Lot #15 $34,000

Lot #16 SOLD

Lot #17 SOLD

Lot #18 $29,900

Lot #19 SOLD

Lot #20 SOLD 


Remember with each site you have the right to build a 12' x 12' shed on your site, place a Rubbermaid shed (#1887157) at the beach, and a 16' x 40' pole barn on the common grounds.  The greatest benefit it that our annual association fee is around $500 and includes insurance, mowing, trash removal, dock installation and removal, road grading, groomed sand beach, basic electric for common meters & lighting, turning on and off the water.  All you need to do is go to the lake and enjoy!!

View Plat of Sites 6-20