Your price includes the following: Water, sewer, electric, and high speed fiber optics access.  These sites are located in a park like setting around 300 yards from the lake. Four of the original cottages build in the 1940's were relocated to this area to help preserve the historical aspect of Utopia Bay.  The log cottages that are on sites 20 and 6 were built from white pines harvested at Utopia Bay and help to maintain the true pioneer spirit of the early 1900's.

Lot #6 SOLD

Lot #7 SOLD

Lot #8 SOLD

Lot #9 SOLD

Lot #10 SOLD 

Lot #11 SOLD

Lot #12 SOLD 

Lot #13 $34,000

Lot #14 $34,000

Lot #15 $34,000

Lot #16 SOLD

Lot #17 SOLD

Lot #18 SOLD

Lot #19 SOLD

Lot #20 SOLD 


Remember with each site you have the right to build a 12' x 12' shed on your site, place a Rubbermaid shed (#1887157) at the beach, and a 16' x 40' pole barn on the common grounds.  The greatest benefit it that our annual association fee is around $500 and includes insurance, mowing, trash removal, dock installation and removal, road grading, groomed sand beach, basic electric for common meters & lighting, turning on and off the water.  All you need to do is go to the lake and enjoy!!

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