Elbow Lake has the unique history of being the drop off point for the transporting of logs for the Nichols Chisholm Lumber Company.  This occurred between the years 1908-1918 and when the water is low you can still see the remnants of the old train trestle at the north end of the lake.  The location was known as the "Commonwealth Landing" and the logs were delivered by a one of a kind land locked railroad and did not connect to any other railroad.  To read more click on the following link "The Nichols Chisholm Logging Camp and Headquarters".   The logs would be floated to the mill through the lakes and waterways connected to the Ottertail River and ended at the mill located in Frazee Minnesota.  During the winter months the lake would be completely covered with logs and it is said to have taken a month for the logs to clear from the lake in the spring when the lake thawed.

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